Collision cooking- Christmas Pie 1

I really didn’t want to do a turkey, but felt the need for something Christmassy. So I made a pie.

None of the “deep” pie tins I found in the shops merited the description, so I made the pie in a medium sized pyrex dish. As I’ve said before, I don’t bother mixing up pastry, but use the ready-made stuff. Once the dish was lined, the first part of the filling was a layer of stuffing. On top of this went some cranberry sauce, then sausage meat, more sauce, chunks of turkey, more sauce and the rest of the stuffing. Then I poured some chicken gravy on, to fill any gaps. Lidded, the pie cooked for just over an hour (it was deep and full of meat that went in raw, so I wanted to be sure) at gas mark 6.

If I were to do it again, I might put in less gravy, or mix it so it was thicker. Otherwise, this was a definite success. The only thing that could have spoilt it would have been the foolhardy inclusion of sprouts.

One thought on “Collision cooking- Christmas Pie

  • Kathy

    This was the best Xmas dinner I’ve ever had. It was original, and can be made to any size – for one, or for twenty people. I liked the juxtaposition of the savoury sausagemeat and stuffing with the layer of cranberry sauce. Cooking the pie with the cranberries already included meant that they caramelised slightly, which added another dimension to the flavour. You had better be making this again.

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