Daily archives: June 13, 2013

They really are the greenest government, after all

When David Cameron promised that a Tory government would be the Greenest ever, no-one really believed him. But, if you take a different interpretation of green- inexperienced, unqualified for what they’re doing and incompetent- I think he was right.

The Environment Secretary is ready to believe any lie, so long as it casts doubt on climate change. The Health Secretary believes in homeopathy. Most people wouldn’t trust the Education Secretary with crayons and the Chancellor doesn’t understand money*.

So, Dave has given us the greenest possible government, which is a terrible thing.

*To be fair to Gideon, he seems to be in tune with the financial industry. He’s enamoured of the same bad ideas and has the same dumb faith as them that their imaginary money schemes will pay off when experience says they’ll just bankrupt everyone but the bankers again.