Michael Bay’s lingerie ads make more much sense than his films

Or, at least, they don’t last as long but have just as much story. And you don’t have to suffer the horrendous dialogue and there are still explosions.

And there are women in their underwear.

For balance, here’s a Dolce & Gabanna male underwear ad for the girls (and some of the guys, no doubt).

Treat it like home

Does anyone else find a certain DIY store’s adverts stupid? Why do all the people who feel at home in their show rooms have to be so damned miserable? Couldn’t there be just one where a couple are enjoying making a meal together at the end of a long day, or teasing each other to the point of getting jiggy? If I was in the market for fittings and fixtures I wouldn’t be buying any of their crap now that they’re telling me it’ll turn me into an angry person.

If they’d like a more positive version I’m available to direct it. I’m certain I could deliver something far better than what they’re using at the moment.