Tidal Power

Lagoon Power!

I like the sound of this plan- creating tidal lagoons to generate electricity. Previous tidal power proposals included stringing a barrier all the way across the Severn, which was just too big and destructive a plan to be taken seriously (which is probably why it appealed to politicians desperate to pretend they were serious about renewable power).

There are six lagoons planned, including one in West Cumbria, but I don’t remember the coastline of my youth well enough to guess where they’d put it.

Barrages or lagoons for the River Severn?

I’m not a fan of the proposed Severn Barrage. It’s typical government grandiose thinking which will take longer to come online, cost more and be less useful than the alternatives. The main alternative is a series of artificial lagoons on the river, which won’t interfere with shipping, have little or no effect on wildlife and provide power for a wider span of the day.

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Tidal power gets plugged into the grid

I missed this at the time- it’s a couple of weeks old- but Britain’s first tidal power generator has been plugged into the national grid. The SeaGen device is in Strangford Lough in Northern Ireland and generates 150 kilowatts- which should rise to 300 kilowatts by the end of the summer. The company behind the installation intends to set up a tidal power farm off Anglesey by 2011.

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