The United Kingdom Gravity Sports Association

Every so often I get the urge to build a go-kart (the unpowered type, AKA a soapbox racer) and find a hill to speed down. It must hark back to sledging and plastic bagging down hills in my youth.

It turns out there is an association for people who race down hills with only gravity to power their rides. The UKGSA is our local chapter of the International Gravity Sports Association and officiates over race meetings in these isles. There are several different ways you can speed down hill. I’m not brave or foolish enough to want to get on a skateboard or street luge, and even gravity bikes are scary to me (though I could rustle up most of the parts for one from stuff lying around the flat), I want something with four wheels and a roll cage. Though not something as complex as the rides put together by Formula Gravity. And, remembering the sledging and plastic bagging again, I’d quite like to run my soapbox off road……