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  • Trimming the playlist

    I did something drastic yesterday- I removed the music collection from my computer.

    I didn’t just delete it- I may want to dip into it later to pull out online purchases etc.- but I did cut it and paste it to a backup disk. It had reached over 16,000 tracks and was just too cumbersome. I didn’t know what I had and couldn’t shake the feeling that some of my music still hadn’t made it onto the pc. The sheer scale of the playlist was putting me off sitting down and listening as well.

    So now I’m ripping my CDs as FLAC files using Winamp. The files are significantly fatter than the MP3s they’re replacing and it takes around an hour per album, but it’s going to be a more honest reflection of my music buying habits. It’s also going to be far better sounding when I get round to buying myself a DAC. And, because the current selection is limited, it’s making me go back to that ancient tradition of listening to whole albums rather than just hitting shuffle and hoping for some interesting juxtaposition.

  • Attack of the dancing robots

    The Sony Rolly is an egg shaped mp3 player that dances. And has flashing lights. That you can program with your own moves and choreograph its dances. Then you can upload your moves to Sony to share with others. It’s realy good at confusing cats.

    It’s incredibly silly and gimmicky and… and I want one. I have no reason to, but I really want one. I think the appeal’s been built into the design, and I suspect there’s some evil aspect to this. When the Rolly population reaches a critical mass the order will come down from SkyNet and suddenly your cute little mp3 player will sprout blades, crank up Ride of the Valkyries and start chasing you through post apocalyptic junkyards (or old quarries, depending upon the budget).

    You can get your Sony Rolly from Amazon, though at the moment there’s just the one available and it’s listed at well over the recommended price because of its rarity.

  • The sound of summer 2008

    Drinking in the morning sun
    Blinking in the morning sun
    Shaking off the heavy one
    Heavy like a loaded gun

    What made me behave that way?
    Using words I never say
    I can only think it must be love
    Oh, anyway, it’s looking like a beautiful day

    Someone tell me how I feel
    It’s silly wrong but vivid right
    Oh, kiss me like the final meal
    Yeah, kiss me like we die tonight

    Cause holy cow, I love your eyes
    And only now I see the light
    Yeah, lying with me half-awake
    Oh, anyway, it’s looking like a beautiful day

    When my face is chamois-creased
    If you think I’ll wink, I did
    Laugh politely at repeats
    Yeah, kiss me when my lips are thin

    Cause holy cow, I love your eyes
    And only now I see you like
    Yeah, lying with me half-awake
    Stumbling over what to say
    Well, anyway, it’s looking like a beautiful day

    So throw those curtains wide!
    One day like this a year’d see me right!

    One Day Like This – Elbow

    Or, as I just have, you can get the album as MP3s from Amazon. The MP3 download store is well stocked, as you’d expect from Amazon, and I’ll be going back regularly I reckon.

  • EMusic

    Affilliate link

    I’ve repeatedly said that I would sign up to a site that allowed me to download DRM free MP3s from a decent sized library. EMusic is close to being that service. It has over 3 million songs in its database and is quite easy to navigate. It doesn’t have every song you could ever want, because I guess a few record companies haven’t signed up yet- I couldn’t find the Camper Van Beethoven, Breeders or They Might Be Giants albums I was looking for- but there are a lot of smaller bands and oddities to be harvested. I spent a lot of my 50 free tracks getting country and western covers of songs like Ace of Spades and grabbing albums by Fleet Foxes and Vampire Weekend.

    If they could get the back catalogues of the major labels I’d pay for unlimited downloads just so I could fill in the gaps in my record collection. This should be the future of music sales.