Traces of the Anthropocene

There’s still debate about whether we have really created a new geological age. If we have, the markers for future geologists are all waste and pollutants, sadly.

There’s mention at the start of the article of a lake in Canada where sediment is being laid down evenly to give an ideal record of the era. I had visions of tourists trekking out to it to throw in mementos to really confuse whoever digs it up.


Make way for the organic battery

Laccase, an enzyme produced by certain woodland fungi, has been shown to be a potential replacement for catalysts such as platinum in batteries and fuel cells. Deployment is a long way away, but if it happens it could see an end to energy intensive mining operations. Also interesting to note, Laccase breaks down lignin, one of the important steps in preparing cellulose materials for fermentation. So it could have an interim use in the production of ethanol from plant waste.

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