Daily archives: February 1, 2003

National Ammo Day- A Brief Explanation

Assuming it isn’t a joke, this can only be a brilliant piece of viral marketting from America’s arms industry.

There are an estimated 75 MILLION gun owners in the United States of America. If each gun owner or Second Amendment supporter buys 100 rounds of ammunition, that’s 7.5 BILLION rounds in the hands of law-abiding citizens!

I’ve got to stop going to sites like this. I used to want to go to America, but nowadays the place scares the shit out of me more and more.

The Rats of War

Snuffles the tenth and his pack were the deadliest rats on the planet. Spread out through and above the corn, they were about to prove it. The scouts had dropped from under the wings of the drone, the glider pods cutting furrows through the stalks as they landed. Urged on by conditioning and occasional remote reminders, they spread out and headed for the old farm buildings.

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National Weather Service Radar Image – Long Range Base Reflectivity – Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

A radar feed of Dallas airspaces at the time the shuttle broke up. There’s a line heading off to the southwest from the centre of the debris field, probably because the explosion blocked radar in that direction, but I can see the conspiracy theories coming out of it for years.

Found via this thread on FreeRepublic. Who’d have though those fascists would be useful one day?