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The history of the pancake in Britain.

I doubt I’m abstaining from anything for Lent.  I did consider giving up work this morning.  40 days would be one of my shorter periods of unemployment.

For a few years I gave up alcohol for Ramadan, because it fell conveniently before or after the UMIST Beer Fest and a little abstinence is a good thing before the indulgence of Christmas.  It’s one of the benefits of being post-modern and secular- I can pick and choose which religious festivals, and from which religions, I choose to use as an excuse for doing stuff.

Next month I’ll be Irish for a day, along with about twenty times the population of Ireland around the world.  St. Patrick has to be the greatest advertising campaign Guinness ever invented.  Less celebrated are St. George (23rd April), St. Andrew (30th November) and St. David (1st March).  I ought to celebrate those as well, I guess, and any other national saints’ days that seem appropriate.

Any excuse for a party.

Married with a kid when you should be having fun

The US government tells its citizens they shouldn’t be having sex until they’re in their thirties and married.

90% of Americans tell their government to get stuffed and let them get on with it.

In other sex news- Wild Pink Yam. Doctor Gillian McKeith, otherwise known as “the scary poo lady” has formulated Wild Pink Yam, for the ladies, and Horny Goat Weed, for the gentlemen, as Fast Formulas to help with sexual and general well being. I found out about Wild Pink Yam through listening to a conversation at work. Allegedly the in depth review of its effects, second hand from the one person in the building who admitted to using it, was “Oh my God!”

I receive a few dozen emails a day telling me about natural alternatives to Viagra, and I ignore them all, so I’m naturally sceptical about such claims. On the other hand, I’m nowhere near as snotty since I started taking Echinacea every day, so I can accept that some herbal cures really do do what they promise. I’ll believe in Wild Pink Yam if I can find a young lady to test it on and observe the results.

(The Specials, Too Much, Too Young)

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The key to heaven is in your pants

AbstinenceOnly.com, a celebration of non-penetration.

WARNING: This site contains descriptions of graphic sexual abstinence and offers abstinence-only education based on the strictest most literal interpretations of the Bible. This material is not suitable for the young or easily offended.

From the same people- Freewayblogger

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Jimmie Hat

Common Ground USA is marketing a range of hip-hop “flava’d” condoms as a way to promote safe sex.

“We say abstinence is the only way that you’re going to be OK. But the fact of the matter is, we can’t hide and think that they’re going to stop having sex.”

Which is a refreshingly sane approach to teen sex.

To appeal to youth, the condoms are named “Great Dane” and “Rottweiler” and come in shiny wrappers adorned with a cartoon dog wearing a thick gold chain.

But you have to pity the poor guys who find they only need the “Chihuahua” rubbers.

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Keep the mouse in the house

There’s nothing wrong with encouraging abstinence amongst teenagers. It, along with self dating, should be promoted as a positive option. It should not, as the US government wants, be presented as the only option. A mature approach would be to take the extra months won by True Love Waits type agreements to run sex education classes that emphasise mutual respect and safe sex.