Daily archives: March 26, 2003


Everyone needs a little help, introducing Blogeditor, a service to turn everyone into a weblog god. I’m going for-

Hipster. BlogEditor will help you turn those almost-clever cracks into full-fledged New York Observer rip-off lines, and even learn how to throw obnoxiously snotty curveballs while adhering to the finer points of post-modern existentialism. After running your text through our patented and revolutionary Add-a-tude´┐Ż irony enhancement software program, your edgy prose will go down like a latte spiked with Midori!

via Benhammersley.com

I also forgot to credit the Intel story earlier to BoingBoing)

Has anyone tried to access Al jeezera?

Seems kind of suspicious to me, but I have been trying to get to the English language Aljeezra site since Monday, but to no avail. It would be great to have both media propoganda machines available at one go but it looks as though the arabs are victims of Denial of Service attacks from the west. Wired news provides an interesting article here.

More evidence the war has become like a video game…

Everyone loves to photo-shop. Thanks fark.

The Times online has put out an aticle how radio stations are refusing to play any “unhappy” or “war” songs. So much for democracy. Thanks Tony and George. Just remember as the economy suffers and people see a lot of death, yor election hopes dwindle away. Scarily enough, that just might be the best outcome of this war.

Pika Boom!

Oldhacks reminded me of the whole PikaBoom adventure. Inspired by my nailing of Barbie Girl, Ents decided to go one better and obliterate the little yellow bastard.

Explosives were no problem to get hold of. We happened to have some lying around, er, I mean safely stored away (in a locked metal box, next to a can of diesel and a box of matches – I kid you not!).


Two very different takes on the attempts to media manage the war. An armchair warrior in the Times takes the Coalition to task for waging a ‘politically correct’ war before deploying the way PC phrase of ‘resisted liberation’ (can people please be honest about this- it’s an invasion folks, got that?) Meanwhile, in the Guardian, Rod Liddle points out that the constant changes in emphasis don’t hold up to international scrutiny and 24/7 attention and, indeed, are losing the propaganda war.


Intel have patented a system by which their chips could self moderate when overclocked, counteracting the mods by slowing their own clock speed. This is supposedly to protect consumers from unscrupoulous resellers who overclock and then sell on chips at their new, false, speeds, but it sounds more like planned obsolescence to me- if you want a faster chip you will have to buy it, we’re not letting you get empowered and less dependent on us.