Daily archives: September 17, 2003

Dead Man's Chest

Ahar! and Avast! and……. stuff. And a bottle of Rum.

The 19th of September is international speak like a pirate day. Some of the recommendations in How To Speak Like A Pirate sound a bit Yoda-ish to me, but mayhap the wee, wrinkly geen man be a pirate hisself.

If ye not be addin’ “yarr” to most o’yer sentences, then ye be no more pirate than a scurvy KaZaA landlubber usin’ dialup.

Thanks to Griff

Monkey see, monkey doo

In a review of Underworld at AICN one of the three reviewers hit on an important point about movies today

…it saddens me as I slowly realize that it is not the writers, directors, actors, producers or even the studio heads that keep Hollywood afloat these days. It is the brilliant trailer editors that can make any festering pile of monkey doo look like a steak sandwich slathered in Bleu Cheese for 2 minutes and 31 seconds. “Damn, that looks tasty,” you think to yourself. And no matter how many people you meet who have tasted it that decry “BUT IT’S A FESTERING PILE OF MONKEY DOO UNDER CLEVER LIGHTING!” you still think “Yeah, whatever. Maybe I’ll like monkey doo.”

Walk! Ye little buggers!

At long last the motorist appeasing Government says it’s going to do something about the school run. The most stupid of their ideas is to stagger school opening times. This would be so that those people too idiotic to save themselves time and money by getting out of their cars can carry on blocking traffic and making the roads dangerous for other people’s children.

In tenuously related news- eating too much is bad for you. (There is some good news, however. Chocolate chip cookies are 700% larger than they were 20 years ago.)

Look after the pennies….

I’ve signed up for BitPass as a Beta Tester. If it’s good enough for Scott McCloud (who’s spent many years investigating micropayments) it’s good enough for me. I’m going to be rescanning a few pictures and going through the backups for others, to create hi-res copies for printing or wallpaper and lower res ones for mobiles. And I have big plans for later drafts of Heavensent chapters. Hopefully I should have the first products up by Friday.