See, chocolate is good for you
Epicatechin, which is present in unrefined cocoa, is a flavanol that may have incredible health effects.  It’s taken out of most commercial chocolate because it’s bitter, but is present in darker chocolates.  When present it boosts blood flow to the brain and has other health advantages.

Don't worry, be happy

Feeling good is the key to success, according to research published today.

“There was strong evidence that happiness leads people to be more sociable and more generous, more productive at work, to make more money, and to have stronger immune systems,” said Prof Lyubomirsky.

Meanwhile, experimental studies showed that an instant injection of high-spirits could generate success. “Inducing a happy effect leads people to make more money in a computer simulation.”

But there is a caveat: your happiness boosters should not be dangerous, like driving fast, or counter-productive, like eating lots of chocolate.

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Walk! Ye little buggers!

At long last the motorist appeasing Government says it’s going to do something about the school run. The most stupid of their ideas is to stagger school opening times. This would be so that those people too idiotic to save themselves time and money by getting out of their cars can carry on blocking traffic and making the roads dangerous for other people’s children.

In tenuously related news- eating too much is bad for you. (There is some good news, however. Chocolate chip cookies are 700% larger than they were 20 years ago.)

Yesterday’s pic. And today’s.

Holiday’s almost over. I still keep bottling out of frontside turns and put a little too much weight on the back foot, but I am way better than when I got out here.

I now own a chocolate fondue thingy, snowboarding Action Man, scale piste basher (or Preparatore Piste Bully as it says on the pack) and one of almost every comics magazine published in France this month [including the rude ones, except for ‘Bede SM’- not my style]. I reckon the fondue’ll be the hardest thing to get through customs- they have a special ‘Kitsch to declare’ line at the new Liverpool airport.

I am off alcohol until at least the 15th of February (supposed leaving date) and I have to start practising for the Bogle Roll. 75-125 miles on a bike, in a day, past Bury and Bolton. And, as it’s in March probably in the rain as well.

And I’ve got to start eating healthily as well……….