Are they taking donations?

The Man Not Include New Life Centre in Bristol is being set up to provide fertility services specifically for lesbians and single women. Due to the way it is run it will get around the new donor rules and allow the fathers to maintain their anonymity.

I just had the vision of a FOAF or P2P style network for sperm donation- instead of Friendster let’s call it Wankster- where male volunteers enter all their characteristics on a database. A mum in waiting could then do a search on height, eye colour etc. and get back a list of results. The one(s) she chose would then get an order and could ship off the “product”. It’s sort of like file sharing, only with genes. Anonymity would be a tricky subject, unless the servers where the contact details are held were offshore somewhere.

Yes, before anyone puts it in the comments, I do need to get laid.