Search term roulette

Yesterday, so Tim informed me, Spinneyhead was the number one result for a Google search for Alyson Hannigan’s sex toy. Right now, we’re number two. We’re also second, to the Fleshbot link to the original post, for Dirk Benedict sex toy. We’re the only blog linking to a search for “Alyson Hannigan’s feet pics”, maybe we can be the only citation for these two as well. On Saturday we drew up a dead pool. If I ever get around to posting the list, we’ll be getting some wild search hits.

The Google zeitgeist is always fun to check out. Britney Spears is still the most popular woman in the UK searches, and those of a few other countries. Spinneyhead still gets hits for her topless. For the person or people who keep coming here for “Britney Spears topless in the bath”, here’s the image you’ve been looking for (surprisingly, work safe.)