Ef*ful”gent, a. [L. effulgens, -entis, p. pr. of effulgere.] Diffusing a flood of light; shining; luminous; beaming; bright; splendid. “Effulgent rays of light.” –Cowper.

Casa Spinneyhead word of the moment. We’ve been watching Buffy series 5 you see. No, really, it does explain it.

I, naturally, think it’s the sort of word you’d find in Victorian porn

“Her firm round buttocks were effulgent from the whip’s caress.”

“My taut manhood was effulgent.”

That sort of thing.

I’ll get me dirty coat……..

Update It’s challenge Ian time! I may have a talent for writing Victorian porn stylee sentences, but let’s check. Throw me a word, preferably well out of common usage, and I’ll see if I can insert it into a line that would have our forefathers (and mothers) getting all hot under the collar.

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  • Ian

    Amongst the in-house suggestions were Fructuous.

    “But my fructuous loins were ever eager, and I soon returned to the fray.”

    ArcanumBlushing deeply, the sweet girl raised her petticoats and offered her arcanum to my view.”

    and Fungible“The party was fungible from this point hence, and many a blissful hour was spent with another’s spouse.”