Daily archives: February 3, 2005

It was for the best

Enterprise has been cancelled. It was an act of mercy as the show had been terminally ill for some time. Manny Coto, who was hired to try to mend the show (or act as fall guy for the creators), has failed to dig it out of the hole that Rick Berman and Brannon Braga left it in. Within hours sites had sprung up fruitlessly campaigning to save the show. Unfortunately Berman and Braga have been working on a new addition to the Trek franchise that is supposedly set at starfleet academy. I suspect that we’ll need a new word to express now much this show will suck.

Be afraid

There is a subset of bloggers who put pictures of their pussies (feline, I’m not continuing the theme of the last post) in their sidebars. I’m not complaining, I like pussies, pussies are cute and cuddly (if only I didn’t sneeze so much after playing with them). But this one, it freaks me out.

Please let it be Photoshop.

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