Daily archives: May 17, 2005

Nuclear Poll

52% of those questioned in a Newsnight poll said they don’t think nuclear is the answer to the UK’s energy problems. 57% said the renewable sources were the best bet. You could argue that nuclear has a future as a way of cutting down on CO2, but with that level of antipathy it’s going to take so much longer to build the things that they’ll be pointless.

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Too much of a good thing?

Can too much sustainable development be dangerous? Yes, according to this opinion piece. However, Brian Gongol’s argument would only make sense if we were all ‘back to the land’ hippies so it’s a pretty obvious straw man argument. The average proponent of sustainable development is more in touch with comparative advantage than Mr Gongol thinks.

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Burn your own water filter

An Australian scientist has perfected a way to make an effective water filter from clay and coffee grounds (or other organic materials such as rice husks or tea leaves) and fired over burning cowdung. He hasn’t patented it in the hope that its use will spread through the Third World and save lives.

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Those sites of legend

A list of High Traffic Linkers, all of whom I’m keeping in mind for future pimping (when I get back to making silly videos etc.). I’ve been linked by BoingBoing as the footnote to a story and the resultant spike was nice and I got a few Kudos clicks to How to Save the World for Free last week for sending them a link. My most consistent long term source of links is Fleshbot. Sex sells, who’d have thought.

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