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Fast-track idiots

I realise that this post may attract the ire of any motorists, but I personally feel that these people are complete idiots and thoroughly deserved to lose their case.

Anyone caught on a speed camera doing 47mph in a 30 zone is clearly breaking the law. Given that these days speed cameras are only put up in accident blackspots, they were being reckless too. Finally, given that every camera is well signed beforehand, painted bright yellow, and has little white lines on the road, they were probably too blind to be able to see where they were driving anyway.

I agree that not every speed limit is appropriate for the road its on all the time – for instance, I think faster speed limits could be introduced around schools out of term term, and in the evenings. However, there is a law, and like it or not, people should obey it or at least not be quite so blatant about breaking it.

I reserve the right to change my opinions if I ever get caught speeding.

Miniature Himeji Castle Build In Mie Prefecture

After the huge Moscow diorama, now there is this 1:23rd scale reproduction of Himeji castle built by a retired Japanese man. The project has taken 19 years and involved inventive use of materials and surreptitious measuring of the original.

There are more pictures here.

via BoingBoing

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Affleck's future still uncertain

The lease for Affleck’s Palace to stay in its current building- after which it is named- came up on June 14th. However, nothing has been agreed between Bruntwood, the building’s owners, and the group that runs the arcade. Bruntwood say they will roll the lease over until a proper agreement is finalised, but also that the building needs refurbishment. They claim to support Afflecks, but with the real estate all around it shooting up in value, you have to wonder how long they’ll be able to resist the temptation for easy money by converting it to flats.

Manchester's Green King and Queen

A couple from Hulme have won £1500 to spend on energy or wasyte saving work on their house after making great changes to help tackle climate change. Alan and Shelley Heckman lowered their energy and water consumption over eight months whilst taking part in MAnchester’s Eco-Diet Challenge.

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Airfix Tardis

The first new kits announced by Airfix after being bought by Hornby are a bunch of Doctor Who tie-ins. I’d quite like a model Tardis. The report says it will be eight inches tall. Assuming the phone box is seven or eight feet tall, that would make the model 1:12th scale, or thereabouts (if the maths had been any harder I’d have given up, and the height of the TArdis is an assumption).

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I’m transferring all the images from the old Spinneyhead galleries over to Flickr, because the galleries were getting cumbersome and loaded down with spam. This does mean that some of the old picture of the day links will be defunct, but there were a few that hadn’t even caught up with the last time I changed gallery software.