Missing WW2 mega-submarine found off Hawaii – Telegraph

Scientists have solved the longstanding mystery of a Japanese submarine missing since 1946 after stumbling across it in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Hawaii.

The Sen-Toku I-400 submarine – one of the largest pre-nuclear underwater vessels ever built – was discovered lying 2,300 feet beneath the surface of the ocean off the southwest coast of Oahu.

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Trailer time- oriental oddness edition

There haven’t been any trailers worth highlighting for a few weeks, but just today I’ve seen nearly a dozen. Rather than one big trailer time post on Sunday I think I’ll spread them over a few days.

A selection of movies from the orient first.

A Tale of Legendary Libido.

Tokyo Gore Police. By the people behind Machine Girl, who seem to be keeping Japan’s fake blood industry afloat all by themselves.

Wushu, starring Sammo Hung.

Shaolin Girl, a spin off from Shaolin Soccer.

Onechanbara. Bikini girls versus the undead.

Japanese kit nostalgia

Old Japanese models, depicting a variety of odd and fantastic subjects. Lots of Star Wars rip offs and transforming robots as well as stuff licenced from old school anime. For the automotive modeller I think 1:24th Sumo wrestlers or 1:25th lemonade stand would be great diorama additions.

(I tried translating teh page, but somehow that meant I lost the images, which are the main joy of it.)

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Miniature Himeji Castle Build In Mie Prefecture

After the huge Moscow diorama, now there is this 1:23rd scale reproduction of Himeji castle built by a retired Japanese man. The project has taken 19 years and involved inventive use of materials and surreptitious measuring of the original.

There are more pictures here.

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Japanese Kei cars

Kei cars are a class designed to get around Japanese tax and insurance legislation. They’re tiny, the light weight making them nippy around town despite their one or two cylinder engines.

Jalopnik drove a trio of kei cars belonging to an American fan, then took anexample of Mazda’s first ever four wheeled vehicle to a dealer so they could compare it to the manufacturer’s current models.

If you want to model these cute little things, then Arii’s Owner’s Club range has a number of them, and the three wheeled delivery trucks and other classic Japanese vehicles of the 60s and 70s that you keep seeing in Kung Fu movies.

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