Daily archives: July 16, 2007

How to build your Transformer

Before each Transformer is released into the wild it is scrutinised and carefully tested by our quality control department (Alex, Damian and I, swearing when we can’t get our robots out of disguise). If, like us, you are occasionally stymied by your ‘bot, there are reviews, with very useful photos that can be used as guides, at Seibertron and the Transformer Archive.


Originally uploaded by spinneyhead

The first of Andy’s Transformers to find a new home. It’s in Salford Quays, sheltering in a crane.

This is going to be marked on a map, as are most of the robots and GIs released. There is also a set on Flickr of bot-crossing pictures for you to check out.

If you found BOT001 and visited the blog to find out more, please leave a message in the comments telling us what you plan to do with your newly adopted robot.