Daily archives: January 12, 2009

Tweets today

23:21 Blog: Tweets today tinyurl.com/9z8vqc #

10:22 Is having chocolate cake for mid-morning snack just a little too decadent? #

11:21 Blog: I need to update my CV tinyurl.com/9aeo78 #

12:22 Blog: A few of the most expensive things on Ebay today tinyurl.com/89u2cb #

14:14 Irony= white van man shouting at me for not signalling. Bet he doesn’t do that to other drivers. #

17:22 What is it about my front tyre and punctures? #

18:37 Cake or death? With this cake it could be both. #

19:17 On Two Wheels- It pays to know where the bike shops are tinyurl.com/96e6ne #

22:40 Recommended Orange film- Yes Man @ 6.55 @ amc. I, however, shall be elsewhere. #

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A few of the most expensive things on Ebay today

Nine million pounds will get you a hideous painting entitled “King Barack

Six million will get you “Best of British“, a “pisse” of art painted with the artist’s dick. In their defence, half of the sale will go to Cancer Research.

Real art costs a lot less, with a Dali lithograph selling for just over a million pounds.

In the Antiques section fifteen grand gets you a Russian orthodox wooden painted icon.

The most expensive book is a first edition of The Hobbit at eight thousand pounds.

Two hundred and forty grand will get you a catamaran. two point four million secures an Aerocar, or sixty grand will get you a decommissioned Sea Harrier.

And that’s just the first few categories. Does anyone want to lend me six million so I can own a pisse of art?