Unboxing Car Wars 6th Edition

The Kickstarter for Car Wars 6th Edition ended two and a half years ago, but then…. stuff happened.

So the game only shipped in the last few months, and I finally got my copy this week. This is a first look in the box, to see what I got. Playthroughs and painting videos may come later.

There’s a section of the Spinneyworld store with 1:64 scale accessories perfect for Car Wars and Gaslands if you’re interested.

The Workbench – Atomic Gas

I’ve got behind on the workbench reports. Atomic Gas was completed a while ago, but I’m only now writing it up.

Atomic Gas

This little service station is a model from Sarissa Precision┬áthat I picked up at the Britcon show in Manchester last year. It’s my first laser cut wood kit (if you don’t count the bed I got the same day), and I’m impressed.

I went overboard with the weathering and debris, but it is meant to be a post apocalyptic location, after all. The transfers came from a bunch of locations- some were old bus advertising from my Dad’s model railway stash, others were sold for nail art, and the graffiti comes from a Judge Dredd game, and my own designs.

Now I need a post apocalyptic game to play, so I can use this location.

Buy my bins! (For 28mm wargames. Not full size bins.)

In just seven days, I can make you a man…..

Wrong Frank, I know. I’m trying to get some modelling done, after a few years of carting kits around but never starting on them. First up, I thought I’d try my hand at painting some of the wargame/RPG related figures I’ve picked up from various places. Everything was painted separately then brought together. I modeled the flagstones with putty, then glued the machine in place. Frank was on his own base, so I had to cut that off to add him to the scene.

Not a bad first effort for someone getting back into the hobby. The only problem is, most of my paints have been sitting in boxes for years and have dried up. I’ve got a growing list of colours I need to replace.

Cry havoc and loose the incendiary pigs of war!

Appearing about 240 BC, incendiary pigs were an interesting weapon thought to have been utilized in ancient Roman warfare. The concept was to cover the pig in tar and a flammable substance and, when lured close enough to the advancing or defending enemy the pigs would then be lit on fire. The hope was that the pigs would run uncontrollably into the ranks of the opposing force, causing a certain level of confusion. In any event, the idea was to make use of the weapon as a psychological tool to harass or scare the enemy into submission, or break his concentration at the very least.

More here. You can buy models of them (unlit) from EM4 miniatures.