The Museum of Everything

Londoners, and those of you within commuting distance, get yourselves to Primrose Hill and visit The Museum of Everything. The BBC did.

Smoking squirrels, circus banners, miniature fairgrounds – the Museum of Everything in London’s Primrose Hill shows art that people have made for themselves rather than for fame or money.

The museum claims to be a window on the creativity of people who did not go to art school.

The current exhibition has had to be extended as it appears this display of the odd and fascinating output from Britain’s sheds and workshops has captured the imagination.

Lost and found

A while ago there was a news story about an art courier in New York who got drunk after showing a prospective buyer a painting and then lost it on the way back to his hotel. I missed the follow up report until just now- the painting was found stashed behind a bush opposite the Metropolitan Museum Art and eventually returned. In the mean time one of the owners of the painting has been charged with fraud and the other has dropped a lawsuit against the hapless art courier. The tale still needs at least one murder before it becomes the plot of any one of a number of detective dramas.

Indeed, I was taken by the tale of a tipsy deliveryman losing a million dollar painting and may yet incorporate it into A Death In Didsbury as a plot thread.

Horrified B-Movie actors and other fun figure sets

There is no scale specified for these Horrified B-Movie Actors figures, which is a shame. With heights of 6.4cm to 7.6cm I’d guess at 1:20-something. You might be able to mix them up with model cars for a diorama- a 1950s Chevy, battered ’40s Ford and a creeping blob maybe. Or you could replace the blob with glow in the dark zombies. Or, if the screamers are Creationists, the Evolving Darwin set.

Other sets include the Paparazzi and the Office Monkeys.

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Pimp my Prius

A trio of Swedish customisers have spent over $180,000 blinging up a Toyota Prius. Of course, all those mods add weight and energy requirements, so it’ll certainly be a lot less efficient than a standard version.

Plus, most of what they’ve done just serves to make a dull car ugly.

It’s about time somebody stepped up to make Prii more attractive, but this certainly isn’t the way.

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