Maybe Photoshop CSI does exist

I’m alternately infuriated and amused by the wonders of photo manipulation on the various CSIs. It would be really cool if there were some psychic version of Photoshop that could work over compressed pictures until they contained more information than the originals. I could draw stick figure comic layouts and have them worked up to full comic art.

Interpol, however, have achieved a bit of Photoshoppery they think is worthy of Grissom and the gang. Taking 200 photos of a paedophile abusing young boys they “untwirled” the effect that was used to obscure his face. Inerpol refuse to say how they did this, but several commenters on BoingBoing have pointed out that it’s just a matter of doing the same manipulation with negative values.

Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby

Ruby canoe
Originally uploaded by spinneyhead.
Perhaps because the story meant so much to me when I wrote it, perhaps because I felt like challenging myself, the chapters in Ruby Red are each getting an illustration. This is chapter 1 “Ruby”.

After several abortive attempts at drawing a canoe from reference material I went on the web and found one to download. I changed the textures to reflect the matt plastic finish I remember on Coleman canoes and added the name to the prow. Then I rendered it in Bryce. The reflected shoreline is something I couldn’t work out how to do in Bryce, so it’s taken from a picture I took of Bassenthwaite last October, stuck on the layer below the render (which had been set to Multiply), blurred and made 50% opaque.

Not a great piece of digital art, but I’m happy with it.