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Some of UKIP’s brightest stars are so stupid that they’re beyond parody. Roger Helmer, UKIP MEP for the East Midlands, thinks he has the answer to climate change.

I guess Roger locks himself in an insulated room with a massive heater as soon as sunset comes around, because otherwise he’d turn into some sort of grotesque purple ice sculpture. How do he and his colleague who thinks burning fossil fuels is the only thing keeping plants alive muster the intelligence to even get on the train to Brussels?

….and a leprechaun in every pot 1

A councillor in Kerry has done great work to perpetuate Irish stereotypes by trying to relax the drink-drive limit in rural parts of the county.

According to Danny Healy-Rae everything will be alright if they let a few drivers get sozzled and give them a get out of a breath test free card, because “on the roads I’m talking about, you couldn’t do any more than 20 or 30 miles per hour [30-50km/h] and it’s not a big deal.” Allegedly, “A number of the councillors who approved the measure are reportedly themselves pub owners – but Mr Healy-Rae denied that this had influenced the vote.”

I learnt to drive on rural roads, and I have spent many a happy hour driving along country lanes. the last thing you want is a drunk coming the other way.

Could someone please teach the councillor about designated drivers, and get him to introduce a free soft drinks rule for them. It’ll serve the same supposed purpose as his dumb idea, without putting as many people at risk.

Don’t go photographing Mancunian infrastructure 1

Or even don’t not photograph infrastructure, as the guy in this video was arrested twice despite not taking the pictures the Police accused him of. I was stopped at the Labour conference last year because I was walking around the G-Mex taking pictures of the security perimeter. I don’t know what it is about me that kept me safe from further harassment, mybe my jovial nature.

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Heinz Deli Mayonnaise makes you go gay!

Or something. A silly advert for the new product showed two men kissing (the magical properties of Deli Mayo having morphed Mum into a gruff New York diner chef) and a handful of people with nothing better to do have complained so it’s been pulled.

I’m reminded of one of the many satirical radio adverts in GTA IV, which plays on this tendency of some parents not wanting to do any responsible parenting and demanding the rest of the world should shut up so they don’t have to explain things to their kids. Heaven forbid they should try to prepare their little ones for the real world by having to explain that we’re all different.