Daily archives: June 26, 2003

It can't last…

There has been a shocking outbreak of common sense.

The US Supreme Court decided that it wasn’t legal to arrest people for having consensual sex in their own homes, even if they’re *whisper it* homosexual. As a result of this, sodomy laws in a lot of states will have to be changed as they have been ruled unconstitutional. I ranted about this a while back.

A Dallas court also denied an attempt by Miss Roe (the woman who won the case that made abortion legal in the US) to reopen the case, ie she was appealing against winning the case. Cases can be reopended within a reasonable time, but Judge David Godbey ruled that 30 years was beyond that.

Finally, a UK High court ruled that while it’s perfectly reasonable to call in sick and go to the pub instead, it’s also perfectly reasonable for your boss to sack you for it if you get caught. Apparently Chris Evans hadn’t realised this, which is a shame as it would saved him a lot of legal costs.

I’m sure normal service will be resumed soon!

People Power

After trying to lumber us all with ridiculous, robber baron-ish Terms of Service a couple of weeks ago the good people at Cafe Press must have haemorrhaged store owners, because they’ve re-written the ToS to take out the contentious clauses.

I haven’t read the full document yet, because it was playing silly buggers, but it’s here.

Maybe I’ll re-open my store with them.


Fat Booker

Books are getting bigger, which was one of Daz’s complaints about Potter.
Heavensent is turning into a bit of a sprawl, despite the bitesize sections it’s made up of, because it’s a worldwide war story. Post & Publish is intended to be short, a headlong charge through a blogger’s life with chapters shorter than some people’s posts. Eliza Effect, when (if) it gets finished, should be equally terse.