Daily archives: April 14, 2004

The War President

Michael Moore has one of those composite images on its index page today- Wubble U made up of faces of soldiers killed in Iraq (hi-res version here), and an attack on yesterday’s press conference.

The Dubya picture comes on the heels of the mosaic of John Ashcroft made entirely of porn images (the image has been taken down as I write this, but consider the link potentially very un-worksafe in case it ever comes back).

Greening the city centre

Manchester is one of five cities chosen to pilot a programme of tree planting that hopes to cut pollution. Which is nice, but, really, more people should get out of their fucking cars and walk, cycle or take the bus! Especially in cities where one dodgy traffic light can bring the whole centre to a halt.

This has been a common sense announcement brought to you by Team Spinneyhead.