Daily archives: December 9, 2004

Rag Time

What is the Bogle? I’m impressed, posters have been popping up around UMIST (and elsewhere I assume) advertising next year’s Bogle. This level of early promotion hasn’t happened for the last few years.

Rag’s own gallery of BeerFest pictures, including yours truly sketching yet another beer barrel sign (and 2, 3, 4). I’ll get the rest of Sabs’ pictures put up asap, honest.

On the subject of the unique spinneyhead created beer signs, there’s a free listing day on EBay tomorrow and I’ll be selling them all. Money raised will, naturally, go into the Rag coffers.

The New World

I just finished reading Big Chief Elizabeth, about early English attempts to settle in America (and the PR coup of naming the land to be settled after the Virgin Queen). Amongst other things it deals, in passing, with the true story of Pocahontas- who never had any “mad affair” with Captain Smith, so there. And lo, today I discovered that next year there’s to be a film entitled The New World, ostensibly about the same subject (trailer)

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