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You must be fucking joking

This is fucked up. A teenager in fucking Dover, of all fucking places, was slapped with an £80 fine for using the word fuck in a conversation in a park. Poor fucker! What the fuck’s the point of that? I guess I’ll have to watch my fucking language when I leave the fucking house.

At least he didn’t say cunt.

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The Earthship Estate

A company called Biotecture has submitted plans for a 16 house estate in Brighton that will consist of Earthships- buildings constructed of old tyres and waste. The houses will be so efficient, and the plan incorporates rainwater capture and solar panelling, that the houses are likely to have no utility bills whatsoever. At £250,000 to £350,000 each they’re a bit expensive to be the solution to the nation’s housing shortage, but they show the way new builds should be going. And they deal with waste without having to incinerate it, so two birds with one stone.

Wikipedia Earthship entry.

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Comet Skateboards- eco friendly decks

Crossing over with How to Save the World for Free we have Comet skateboards, a company that makes its boards from renewable materials and is working with other companies to develop bio based epoxies to laminate the layers that go into a deck.

Low VOC Coatings

We at COMET can name lots of ways to get a head rush, sniffing our freshly opened boards is not one of them. We use all water based low VOC coatings. Most paints and laquers contain up to 65% solvents by volume which results in several million tons of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) being released into the atmosphere every year. VOCs accelerate the effects of global warming and are extremely dangerous to workers. Several companies world-wide are working to stop the use of these unnecessary compounds. COMET is one of them. Check for a different smell when you open your COMET board. (Those of you who like the smell of solvents, don’t worry, we are still down with a can of spray paint).

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Dog Poo Power

San Francisco could get a dog poop power plant. Norcal Waste, who handle the city’s rubbish, will begin a pilot program under which it will use biodegradable bags and dog-waste carts to pick up droppings at a popular dog park. This will then be broken down in a methane digester to create gas for combustion for heating or electricity generation.

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ETA- a climate neutral motoring organisation

I don’t have a car, so this is a suggestion for all my friends who do. ETA is a motoring association akin to the AA but with green fringe benefits. Not only do they offer all the recovery services they will also offset carbon dioxide equivalent to about ten thousand miles of driving. The description on Eco Street Blog compares the service side by side with the AA and it seems to compare well. The only question I would have is whether ETA membership is for a specific car rather than the AA’s one driver- any car version.

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Ethical Man

Newsight have decided they should have an “Ethical Man” on their team. Justin Rowlatt will try to live as ethical a lifestyle as possible over the course of a year. A neat idea, though the Guardian had Leo Hickman- who will be serving as Rowlatt’s ethical guru, doing something similar last year.

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The Bomb

Italian toy/model company Brumm caused something of a stir at the Nuremberg Toy Fair by announcing they would be releasing 1:43rd scale reproductions of the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Part of the expo-goers surprise may have been at finding a full size replica Little Boy in their midst. If I can find them I may be buying these kits.

The Brumm homepage

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DIY hoverboard

It probably wouldn’t work on anything but flat even surfaces, but it’s still tempting to build your own hover board. Build a fleet and you could start your own hover basketball league or something. The Gadget Show reckons they put theirs together for about £150 utilising the following-

Basic tool set:

* A relatively heavy-duty stapler
* Hacksaw
* Jigsaw
* Drill and a bunch of drill-bits. (A special wood drill-bit that’s the same diameter as your plumbing pipe).
* An electric screwdriver. (Believe me, you’ll need one if you want to save your fingers and palms from bruising).
* A craft knife or scalpel
* An insurance policy with good fringe benefits.


* A 30cc Petrol driven leaf blower engine.
* A bunch of rainwater piping and connectors – whatever size best fits the nozzle of your leaf blower.
* Some form of handy clips that will eventually secure your leaf blower to your board as you might need to put it on and off during building.
* More duct tape than is healthy.
* Serious amounts of screws – small enough to fix through your plastic grommet (see below) or the fastening for your engine without penetrating the underside of your board.
* Plywood – cut to150cm x 60cm
* A very large piece of plastic sheeting – like the stuff they use to line ponds (thick enough to repel sharp stones, thin enough to fold and bend to your will easily)
* A Plastic ‘Grommet’ 100cm x 10cm – made out of three joined-up strips of plastic from the bottom of a storage box and duct taped together (so, three plastic strips 33cm x 10cm that make up one big one.)

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"The louder he spoke of his honor, the faster we counted our spoons."

I’ve been ignoring US politics, because it’s so depressing. The reasons are summed up in Counting Bush’s Mistakes at the Smirking Chimp.

The Environment: Here’s a little pop quiz: What happens if all the coral in the world’s oceans dies? Answer: Coral is the first rung on the food-chain ladder; so when it goes, everything else in the ocean dies. And if the oceans die, we die.

The coral in the world’s oceans are dying (called “bleaching”) at an alarming and accelerating rate. Global warming is the culprit. Nevertheless, this administration continues as the world’s leading global warming denier. Why? Because they seem to feel it’s more cost effective to be dead than to force reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. How stupid is that? And time is running out.

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