Daily archives: December 20, 2006

Married with a kid when you should be having fun

The US government tells its citizens they shouldn’t be having sex until they’re in their thirties and married.

90% of Americans tell their government to get stuffed and let them get on with it.

In other sex news- Wild Pink Yam. Doctor Gillian McKeith, otherwise known as “the scary poo lady” has formulated Wild Pink Yam, for the ladies, and Horny Goat Weed, for the gentlemen, as Fast Formulas to help with sexual and general well being. I found out about Wild Pink Yam through listening to a conversation at work. Allegedly the in depth review of its effects, second hand from the one person in the building who admitted to using it, was “Oh my God!”

I receive a few dozen emails a day telling me about natural alternatives to Viagra, and I ignore them all, so I’m naturally sceptical about such claims. On the other hand, I’m nowhere near as snotty since I started taking Echinacea every day, so I can accept that some herbal cures really do do what they promise. I’ll believe in Wild Pink Yam if I can find a young lady to test it on and observe the results.

(The Specials, Too Much, Too Young)

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If looks could kill, I'd kill your television

The BBC is doing a deal with Azureus to distribute its programs on the internet. Programmes will be distributed using Zudeo, a file sharing site/ software combination. I’m not so sure about the DRM they insist on sticking on the videos, but it sounds like a step forward.

Elsewhere, the Beeb has an article about the spread of “pirate TV”.

(Kill Your Television, Ned’s Atomic Dustbin)

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I sit and wait for you cause' this was never over

Several tons of weapons grade mercury, sunk with U-864 near the end of World War Two, are in danger of leaking their contents into the sea off Norway. Recovery of the submarine would be too risky, so there are plans to encase it in gravel and sand to keep the metal locked in.

(U Boat, Kasabian)

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Either up your nose or through your veins, with nothing to gain except killing your brain

I was just pondering the whole “Piracy funds terrorism/drug dealing” line. I bet, backed up by a little research, it would be easy to find a list of entertainment executives who donated to NORAID (I started doing this, but the first site offering a list of donors was stormfront, a self confessed white supremacist site. My days of surfing hate sites from work are long gone.) And it’s well documented how many musicians do drugs.

So how about a Tshirt with a picture of Pete Doherty on the front and a slogan along the lines of “Record sales fund this man’s drug habit. For his sake- download.”

(White Lines, Grandmaster Flash)