Daily archives: September 11, 2007

Farewell to the Tecra

I packed the Toshiba Tecra up this afternoon and gave it to a DHL man to be taken back to the TalkToshiba people.

The experience has been a little disappointing. The Tecra A8 is a good enough piece of kit, but it wouldn’t be my choice if I were looking to spend some money on a laptop. It falls between the two types of machine I’d be interested in.

The Tecra was a little too large for me to consider putting it in my man-bag and toting it around town. True, the size allowed for a full size keyboard and the large screen, but these reduced its portability. I’d like to have something lighter and smaller that I can take anywhere with me. Like the old Portege I’m typing this post up on. An even simpler solution I’m thinking of is getting a bluetooth folding keyboard for my mobile.

At the other end of the price spectrum I could really go for the current version of the portege or some other tablet PC with a flip round screen that I could do art on. Or maybe an Apple Macbook, for all my video editing dreams.

It’s been interesting, but I’m afraid the Tecra A8 isn’t for me.

Sea Hunters discover pykrete

I’m watching Sea Hunters, Clive Cussler’s marine archaeology TV series, and they’re looking for the Habbakuk prototype built in a Canadian lake from an ice/wood pulp mix called pykrete. I’ve been fascinated by this project for a while, stealing the concept for the eponymous carrier in Heavensent.

Sea Hunters has a blog with behind the scenes pieces about the Habbakuk episode.

Habbakuk links via Beamjockey.

More Habbakuk information, and Wikipedia on Habbakuk. Habbakuk of Ice, a radio play about the project.

Comments please – best bars, bookshops etc. in Manhattan

It’s less than a fortnight until Spinneyhead takes Manhattan. I’ve taken to looking for bars and other places of interest in Google Local, but it’s no substitute for personal recommendations.

Harry recommended a bar and a bookshop on Sunday, but I didn’t write them down and, having a memory like one of those things with the wire mesh that you use to drain stuff, have now forgotten them. So, if you can leave your New York memories in the comments it would be greatly appreciated. Bars should serve interesting local microbrewery stuff if possible, I’m not flying out there to drink Guinness or the sort of stuff I’d avoid over here. Bookshops should be eccentric and crammed full of old tomes.

Oh, and clothes shops as well. I have an urge to supplement my wardrobe with stuff I couldn’t get over here.