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09:10 Are we due some bad gay porn about the Large Hardon Collider? Am I the 375th person to make that joke? #

10:32 Blog: Beware of the low flying ninja. Take two tinyurl.com/6hhhnh #

12:27 Blog: McCain Wreck- Don’t make fun of the Republicans, they’re sensitive souls tinyurl.com/6keq2t #

17:07 I need finer nibbed dip pens. To the art shop! #

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McCain Wreck- Don’t make fun of the Republicans, they’re sensitive souls

So Russell Brand presented an MTV awards ceremony and did a little bit about Bush and Palin-

His delivery, as usual, is piss poor, so it’s not as funny as it could have been. But a few people were horribly, deeply offended by it, including the commenters at the thread I dropped into here, who want foreigners to go away and stop messing in the affairs of other countries. There’s a comment about Americans and irony in there, I just can’t quite remember how it goes……..

Then Obama made a remark in a speech where he repeated the message about the phoniness of the McCain/Palin “change” rhetoric, whilst using a common phase to mock Palin’s asinine description of herself.

And the McCain camp start crying about how he’s being so insulting. If the prospective president and vice president can’t handle it when the other guy has a better way with words, how can they possibly hope to survive in international pollitics?