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Tweets today

22:20 Eagle Eye is WarGames 2 done properly. #

02:31 Blog: Build your own Barack Obama tinyurl.com/5nxahm #

02:31 Blog: Barack Obama’s naked mama, and other stupid stuff from America’s right tinyurl.com/5uyxct #

02:31 Blog: Tweets today tinyurl.com/6cv77e #

11:17 @foodiesarah John Humphries is still a star, even if he doesn’t understand blogging and tweeting. #

11:30 Blog: Another Spinneyhead dream dashed- Alyson Hannigan is pregnant tinyurl.com/6o4zpw #

13:58 Received- Two blondes. One said ‘What’s further, the Moon or Florida?’ The other blonde replied ‘Hellooo..! Can you fuckin see Florida??’ #

16:32 Blog: Kinky protesters at Westminster tinyurl.com/5orgdo #

17:37 Blog: Another right wing fantasy- is Barack Obama really American? tinyurl.com/5qgh58 #

18:35 Blog: Manclopedia- Manchester’s very own wikipedia tinyurl.com/5gqhev #

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Another right wing fantasy- is Barack Obama really American?

This latest fantasy has two prongs. On the one hand they believe there’s some deep dark secret about Obama’s birth certificate, which will prove that the front runner for the presidency is somehow not of the USA. I read a post last night where one of the idiots, accepting defeat, decided that there should be hundreds of private lawsuits filed after Obama’s elected, every one arguing his legitimacy. Whatever.

The other prong is a string of comments, from Sarah Palin on down, painting anyone who doesn’t vote Republican as unAmerican. I wonder where that phrase has been used before?

Update I found this, from one of Obama’s speeches. It seems appropriate-

And Spinneyhead is having one of its busiest days in a while, courtesy of pervs looking for naked pictures of Obama’s mother. Seriously guys, go register with Domai– full colour, high resolution, gorgeous and politically neutral- you’ll thank me.

The guy at Stop the ACLU who posted the version of the dumb rumour that I first found is defending it (yes, they’re off the naughty step for the time being). It’s all very convoluted, but I think he’s saying that because it’s even more baseless than the rumour about Palin faking her pregnancy he has every right to run with it. Elsewhere he’s defended his conspiracy theory because Communism is genetic and Obama’s parents- in his fantasy world- are a “Communist and a slut”. Classy.

Update Fleshbot, long time chroniclers of fake nudes, have looked at the pictures (NSFW, obviously) and are fairly confident they’re not of the woman the conspiracy nuts want them to be of.

Kinky protesters at Westminster

Vivienne Westwood’s son, Ben, demonstrated against Government plans to criminalise “extreme pornography” by parading around Westminster with two models in bondage gear and chains. The legisltion does sound quite dumb and will probably be used primarily by Police pissed off that they’ve grought in the wrong man and can’t prove anything else against him.