The world’s longest aircraft is mooning you

At least, that’s what it looks like from the front. From behind, it looks like a hotdog in a bun.

The first Mongrels story- GOD Hunt- started with a wingsuit dive from a blimp. As written, it was a vertical airship, which is an interesting variation on the traditional airship design. An Airlander inspired wing would have been even better.

BBC News – The world's longest aircraft in the making.

Air Manhattan

A bunch of remote controlled plane enthusiasts calling themselves Team Black Sheep shot some great aerial footage of New York. These are the sorts of views we mere mortals would have to steal a helicopter in GTA IV to see. Whatever it is that’s blocking the bottom right of the camera’s view is a bit distracting, but otherwise this is awesome footage.

Can I have one of these to fly around the Lakes when I’m at home some time? Wasdale comes to mind first, but there are a load of other neat valleys I could take it through.

via Jalopnik and Brooklyn Heights Blog

A miniature air force for Christmas

The Tate Modern gallery’s Christmas tree is this year adorned with models of all the fighter planes currently in service, 122 in total.

[Fiona Banner], known for her huge text descriptions of war films, has made what appears to be traditional kit models of all the world’s 122 fighter planes, after a considerable amount of research to discover exactly which planes are in service, not something many countries like to boast about.

Some models are commercially available, others do not exist in kit form, so she had to create them from scratch, and as the more anoraky small visitors will undoubtedly clock immediately, she has chosen not to give any of them insignia or any markings of nationality.

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