Daily archives: April 24, 2003

Useful stuff

Every so often on the web you find rare thing: a useful tool that’s free (and not adware or spyware). Yesterday I found SpamPal. This is a tool that compares all your incoming e-mail to lists of known spammers maintained by various groups such as Spamhaus and flags all mail from listed sources by adding something to the subject line. It’s then a simple task for your e-mail client to sort the e-mails into a folder for easy disposal. So far it’s caught over 80% of my spam with no false positives (way better than my old Outlook filters). It’s small (~390KB) and it’s free, I recommend that you down load it now unless you enjoy sorting through all the penis enlargement, bored housewives and pyramid scam mails to find the e-mails that matter to you.

George Galloway – Under fire and due to appear on Crossfire!

I quote:

“LONDON, April 24 � For anyone worried that the House of Commons has become too well-behaved to produce defiant oratory and eccentric behavior, George Galloway is a throwback to a provocative and histrionic past.”

Straight from the New York Times. The Article* is comical, but hey, he is a bastard war supporter anyway.

*Registration required

**Personal to the NY Times – Where is my liberation cheque? Four years of mentioning the American left and all I get is a renewal for the Sunday New York Times?

What ever happened to Spooks?

Remember the series last year, Spooks, on BBC1? A new series was supposed to arrive, but alas, no action yet. Maybe a couple of fan sites and the real deal will persuade the BBC to get off its duff.

BBC Official Home page: here — new episodes coming this summer! Maybe the climax of personal relations blowing up will be resolved.

A donkey on geocities: here not really worth the link, but google is going slowly downhill!

What does everyone else think of Spooks? Personally, I think it was a great show and worthy of a long running series.

Flying Bomb

I caught the end of a History Channel programme about Kamikaze pilots last night and quickly scribbled a little picture based upon the rocket propelled piloted bomb they developed toward the end of the war. I don’t foresee anything similar for Heavensent, but this is about the tech level of the period I’m setting it in.

Click the image for the full picture

Click on image for full picture

Fat Chance

Anti obesity drugs aren’t the be all and end all of weight loss, doctors state. They are set to demand that fat people actually do some exercise and change their diet before taking the medication option- because being lazy lard eaters is what got them into that state in the first place.

If you want to know whether you’re obese, go and calculate your Body Mass Index. A result over 25 is overweight, over 30 is obese and over 40 is American.

The Newt changes colours

Newt Gingrich the loveable right wing former leader of the republicans is back in the saddle, this time peddling better diplomacy for Americans looking to take over the world. After living in the States for several years, I remember Newt’s halcyon days and all his spewing of shite rhetoric. Also, this is the same man who told his wife he was divorcing her whilst she lay dying from cancer in a Washington hospital. Hopefully, he will be pushed away sooner rather than later.

His Op-Ed piece in the Washington Times this morning says a lot and is worth a quick read.