Flash Gordon is alive!

The US military wants to develop a system to deploy artificial "black ice" as a means of incapacitating enemies.

They already have a heat ray.

Nuclear power plant sites, usually close to the sea, could be at risk from the effects of global warming.

Therapy for prostrate cancer can cause "penile shortening".  This is not funny.  This is not funny.  Must not snigger.

The PS3 launches in Europe on the 23rd of March.

Spit, Swallow or……

Oral sex can lead to cancer of the mouth, say scientists

Mouth cancer can be caused by a virus contracted during oral sex, a new Swedish study has shown. People who catch a high-risk variety of the human papilloma virus, HPV, at that time are more susceptible to falling ill with mouth cancer, according to new research.

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I had a drink of whisky about an hour ago

Whisky, in small doses, can be good at preventing cancer. A single malt can contain more of the antioxidant ellagic acid than red wine, which has been touted for its free radical busting benefits for several years.

Dr Swan, who is currently assisting four new distillery start-ups, was speaking to the EuroMedlab conference hosted by the Association of Clinical Biochemists. He told the Guardian: “We are talking about the odd dram. I am not talking about a bottle a day,” adding that the effect would be greater in well-aged whisky rather than a cheap blend.

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Take me down to Mipple City

Classic funny animal-soap-erotica comic Omaha the Cat Dancer could be set for a full colour return and new materials as the two creators have patched up their differences. Artist Reed Waller is chronicling the return on a blog, though at the moment the news is sad and bad as writer Kate Worley is undergoing treatment for cancer.

Pop over to the small store and support these guys. I highly recommend Tumbling Boxes, a non-Omaha project that was another of the inspirations for the upcoming Mary Tales.

The Newt changes colours

Newt Gingrich the loveable right wing former leader of the republicans is back in the saddle, this time peddling better diplomacy for Americans looking to take over the world. After living in the States for several years, I remember Newt’s halcyon days and all his spewing of shite rhetoric. Also, this is the same man who told his wife he was divorcing her whilst she lay dying from cancer in a Washington hospital. Hopefully, he will be pushed away sooner rather than later.

His Op-Ed piece in the Washington Times this morning says a lot and is worth a quick read.

So when it is "for a friend" and when does

the situation call for more polite drug etiquette? I have been watching drug movies since last night and have come to the conclusion all the rituals associated with procurring drugs are totally insane. These little rituals between buyer and seller are just too much. For example, yesterday the one line I heard almost made me fall off the floor. It went something like this. Imagine the scene with one of the most honest people on the planet and a complete drug addled cancer upon society:

Out of the blue, “That’s $35” says druggie man

“I’ll have to owe you cause I only have a tenner” says the patient customer

“Sorry then I hold onto the product!!”

No more conversation. It all stopped and that’s when I realised I was watching a drug deal.

Oh what has hummanity wrought with this scourge upon society?

Anyways, back to reality. The White House in a statement by Ari Fliescher and Don Rumsfield consisted:

“Ha ha – Told You So….”

Lesser of Two Evils

Toxins produced by E. Coli, prime cause of travellers’ diarrhea, inhibit the growth of cancer cells in the colon. Colon cancer is the third most common cancer in the developed world, but far less common in countries associated with Delhi Belly. Of course, it’s not just the toxins that are the cause of this, the diet and lifestyle of Westerners probably contributes and longer term diseases are less likely to be spotted in the Third World when so many people are dying from diarrhea itself.

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