Wanna buy a Banksy?

£59,995.00, or a serious offer will get you this piece of authenticated Banksy artwork. You’ll have to collect it yourself, because the postage for a safe is extortionate.


The Banksy is a bargain compared to this nude

The asking price is $21,000,000.00 (approximately £12,835,401.26 by eBay’s calculations), which is a bit much when you can find it listed at Saatchi Online for $5,900. There are a few paintings listed on eBay at stupid prices, is it some attempt to garner attention or play the search engines?

Finally, something for the less wealthy art fan. You can get this image of Frank Sidebottom stencilled on your property and the artist will donate the proceeds towards erecting a statue of the man himself.-


How do you hang a wall

Written in a notepad somewhere- to be put into a folder I need to start of story ideas- is something along the line of “How would someone steal a valuable piece of graffiti?”

It turns out the answer is straightforward- they’d just chisel out the section of wall and cart it away. This is what happened to a Banksy piece in the huge, long abandoned Packard plant in Detroit. The group that took the wall section- a local arts collective- claim they only did it to protect the art. Others aren’t so sure. Matters are made more complex because ownership of the property isn’t clearcut. Maybe it belongs to a man serving time in California, maybe the owner is the mystery name on documentation, or perhaps the city has the right to reclaim the site for its own ends.

Says Luis Croquer, director of the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, “This may be unprecedented, because in most other cities, you wouldn’t be able to take a wall home… What does it mean to move a wall? And beyond legality, who does the wall really belong to, and now does the art belong to the gallery? To everybody? To nobody? We’re operating in this space where there’s this lawlessness that opens up possibilities that would be much harder to encounter in other cities.”

Car with Banksy style stencils 1

I doubt they were done by the man himself, I’m sure he’d have covered more of the car. Spotted on Thomas Street.

Stencil Revolution

I’m sketching a bunch of ideas for stencil graffiti, to become transfers for modern image railway modellers who want to add a little grit. So I thought I’d see what resources there are for stencillers online. (Update The stencil graffiti transfers can now be ordered from Spinneyworld.)

Stencil Revolution is an Australian collective. The tutorials and gallery sections are down at the moment because they were having security issues, but there are a few good examples still dotted around.

Stencil Art video.

Banksy, of course.

Stencil graffiti galleries.

Wikipedia on stencil graffiti.

Wot? No Banksy?
Graffiti removal contractors in Bristol have painted over an early Banksy work by mistake.  It’s a shame, and a loss culturally and potentially financially for the city, but wall art is meant to be ephemeral.  In a way it just adds to the legend of Banksy that his early works can be lost in this way.

Art with all mod cons
The owners of a house in Bristol were appalled to find all the prospective buyers planned to destroy the Banksy mural on its end wall.  To ensure it stays intact they have contacted an art gallery and are now selling it as a piece of art with a house attached.