The Private Cashier- A Pride Month Dodge Charger

A Dodge Charger with a Pride flag on the roof has been on the to-do list for a while. This version wasn’t as large a project as I’d initially planned, and used transfers rather than the more ambitious masking I thought would be involved. But I got it done within Pride month, after only deciding to do it on the last day of May.

Read more about Private Albert Cashier on Wikipedia

Skintone progressive Pride flag by PersikFlorCC BY-SA 4.0

Videos are now being uploaded to the Spinneyworld Patreon before they go live on YouTube, if you want to see them first.

Manchester Pride Parade 2019

Manchester Pride Parade 2019

I set off late for Pride, so didn’t get as good a vantage point as usual. But, to compensate, I have a better camera than in previous years, and every so often, a shot framed by the crowd in front of me worked.

Nonetheless, of the 489 photos I took, I only liked 35 of them enough to put into the album. Click on the image to see them.

Manchester Pride 2015

Pride 2015

I took a lot of photos of the parade yesterday. I’ve tried to narrow the selection in the gallery down to just a few.

After the parade, I headed up to the Northern Quarter again, did some writing and found yet more graffiti.

More Northern Quarter graffiti

Then I went to see Jeremy Corbyn give a speech. I hid my Green Party badge, of course.

Pride Parade 2011 2

So I started the day at a cycle jumble at the Velodrome.

Riders practising in the Velodrome

And had to photograph a levitating Formula 1 car before leaving town at the end of the day.

Flying Mclaren

But in between, and luckily between rain showers, was this year’s Pride parade. The photoset is on Flickr. But let’s share a few here.

Manchester Pride Parade 2011

I don’t know who this is- apparently she’s the country’s favourite “trolley dolly”- but she headed the parade. I know it’s disrespectful, but when you’ve had Sir Ian McKellen at the front this is a bit of a climb down.

Manchester Pride Parade 2011


Manchester Pride Parade 2011

Don’t argue with the homosexuals, they have tanks.

Manchester Pride Parade 2011

Scary transgender Spice wants you. Baby transgender Spice looks like she doesn’t know where she is.

Manchester Pride Parade 2011

Oh pirate girl I love your look. If only I were your type.

Manchester Pride Parade 2011

The hairy arm of the law. The bears are always good for a cheeky float.

So So Gay!

A quick tip of the hat to So So Gay, who have used one of my pictures from last year’s Manchester Pride parade to headline their preview of this year’s events. To celebrate its 21st year, Pride’s starting this Friday and going on to Bank Holiday Monday. I should be photographing the parade, but finances mean that this year I’ll be missing most of the stuff going on in the village. Shame.

Let Christian Voice shout themselves hoarse 1

Manchester councillor Pat Karney, who’s responsible for the city centre, wants to ban the Christian Voice demo from chanting vainly at future Pride parades. The tiny band of narrow minded protesters have been a fixture of the parade for a few years. Last year I filmed an interview with one of them before the parade started. Annoyingly I have yet to get the footage onto a computer to do anything with it. They’re something of a sad bunch- except in their own heads where they’re no doubt fighting bravely against a tidal wave of sin and perversion- but they definitely shouldn’t be banned.

Twenty or so homophobes with banners get lost amongst the thousands of people who’ve come out to see the spectacle, spot friends and enjoy themselves. It’s almost symbolic- a tiny minority calling for a return to bigotry and oppression surrounded by the mass of open minded and joyful humanity. They shouldn’t be banned, that just feeds into their self righteousness and imagined martyrdom, they should be allowed to come back every year and humiliate themselves. Perhaps the realisation will filter through to some of them that they’re missing out on the joys of being a decent caring human being and find a nicer denomination or (even better) none at all.

As pointed out by some of the commenters on the report, Karney’s call, if not outright hypocritical, does show a lack of joined up thinking. If hate laws must be used to silence a few delusional god-botherers why weren’t they used last year to keep the English Defence League out of Manchester? The EDL’s values are just as wrong, if not moreso, and they’re a far nastier bunch to have to deal with. If you try to stop evangelicals showing their ignorance in public then you’re giving the Catholic church room to call for protesters with valid questions about clerical child abuse to be hidden away when the Pope visits.

Let Christian Voice protest all they want. The crowd will prove how wrong they are.

Pride 2009 photos

Pride 2009, originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

I decided to forgo my usual spot for photographing the Pride parade this year. I also gave up my camera, letting Dan take a lot of photos whilst I videoed stuff. He didn’t do too badly.

Many more photos in the Pride 2009 set on Flickr.

Late Pride pictures

Pride 2008_1015, originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

Only a week and a half in this case. There are over a hundred pictures of the parade in my Pride 2008 gallery.

Pride 2007

Pride 2007, originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

Maybe I should demand that the cameraman in the next Spinneyhead production looks like this. Check out the Pride 2007 set on Flickr for many more photos.


JOE027, originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

Released during the Pride parade. I think this is the guy I threw at the crowd of goth kids that was retrieved by someone near the end of the parade.