Even the prosecution can't keep their arguments straight.

Avoiding all this war stuff for a moment –

Texas, being quite a strange place, has laws against deviate (sic) sex which apparently includes anal and oral sex (but not bestiality), There a case in the Supreme Court at the moment where a gay couple are appealing against their conviction for having sex in their own bedroom. There’s an article about the court case and it seems be confusing everyone involved. Personally I can’t see the legal argument against anyone doing anything consensual in private, as long as they don’t feel the need to tell me aboutit (or scare the horses). But you would expect the prosecuting lawyer not to provide arguments for the defence.

Rosenthal says there’s a good place to draw the line of privacy and fundamental rights, and that line is “at the bedroom door.” “But the line is at the bedroom door in this case!” yelps Breyer.

Just to be clear, Rosenthal is the prosecuting attorney.