Not my MEPs

Going through an old hard drive yesterday, I came across the files for the “Nick Griffin is NOT my MEP” design I did when that disgusting little racist toad slimed his way to a seat in the European Parliament. It seemed appropriate to update the design.

Ann Widdecombe is NOT my MEP and Nigel Farage is NOT my MEP, are available on a variety of items- from T shirts to tea cups- in my Redbubble shop.

British shirts for British protesting!

Ms Laudanum reminded me of Spreadshirt, a T-shirt printing company based in the UK. The first design I’ve uploaded is yesterday’s “Nick Griffin is NOT my MEP” one so now you can be doubly patriotic- protest an arsehole who doesn’t represent Britain whilst buying from a British company. (I make a little on every sale as well.)

Visit the Spinneyhead shop at Spreadshirt.

Hang The DJ T-shirt idea

An idea that was bugging me over the weekend became a quick sketch yesterday and now I’m thinking of putting this on a T-shirt-

For the final version I think the bow tie will be red, the lining blue or purple and the jacket itself dark grey with shiny looking lapels. The trousers will probably go as well.

Anyone like the idea?