Osama Bin Laden

Jon Stewart is my hero

It often seems that The Daily Show is the only thing on American TV that dares to challenge the status quo. I regularly find myself downloading clips and laughing out loud.

The Guardian interviews Jon Stewart

When Condoleezza Rice admitted to the Senate that she had seen a presidential daily briefing in August 2001 … “I believe the title was ‘Bin Laden Determined To Attack Inside The United States’ “… Stewart just stared at the camera for 20 seconds. Then he covered his face in his hands, lifted his head up and moaned. “You’re fucking kidding me, right? Please say, please say, you’re fucking kidding me.”

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I want to punch George Bush

According to the BBC President Fuckhead stood up at Gleneagles and said “the war on terror goes on”. Guess what? It wouldn’t have to if you and your cronies weren’t such incompetent, arrogant warmongering pricks.

Whilst I’m at it, Blair deserves a slapping as well. His statement is slimy twat for “Oh look, something else I can use to justify identity cards.”

Update Thanks to being linked from some rightwing site or other I’m getting a few visitors who want to lecture me on how wrong I am, so I ought to clarify a little.

I want to punch George Bush on a good day, he just has one of those faces. What drove me to my outburst is two things.

Ever since he started pulling troops out of Afghanistan and lining up the lies about Iraq, Wubble U hasn’t been fighting a war on terror, he’s been conducting one to encourage terrorism. He’s admitted that he wasn’t interested in tracking down Bin Laden. The head of the CIA has said that they know where OBL is, but they’re not going to get him. So standing up and touting the “war on terror” after abandoning it over two years ago is one reason he deserves a slapping.

The other reason is that he’s a callous little fuck. Within hours of a terror attack he was already lining up the dead so he could spit on their graves every time he invokes this bombing to justify another false start in combatting global terror.

So I put down what I felt, as succinctly as possible. Thanks for all the comments. Your presumptions about me, based upon a few sentences, have been amusing.

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Al who?

I just finished reading Holy War, Inc, which traces the life of Osama Bin Laden and the formation of Al Quaeda. One interesting aspect of the bearded one’s life is his habit of forming the terrorist equivalent of crushes on older radicals who affect his outlook and aims. Most prominent of these is Ayman Al-Zawahiri. The FBI want him, but relative to The Most Evil Man On Earth (TM) he hardly merits a mention elsewhere. A check on that top gauge of importance, Google, shows that al-zawahiri returns 70,900 results to bin-laden’s 4,190,000.

Just a warning that, even if OBL is caught in time for the US elections there’ll still be people out there determined to destroy America and, by extension, Britain. Though Tony and George won’t mention that, of course.

How to machine gun yourself in the foot

The general leading the hunt for Bin Laden is a serious Christian fundamentalist. This is not in itself a problem, except that he believes, and says, stuff like- “I knew my God was bigger than his. I knew that my God was a real god and his was an idol.” about Allah.

So the muslims are really going to help him out, aren’t they?


The boys on Poindexter’s team at the Pentagon (you remember them, the ones responsible for Total Information Awareness) have come up with another blindingly moronic plan. It’s called the Policy Analysis Market and the gist of it is that people get to play BlogShares on terrorism and Middle Eastern turmoil. You sign up at their website and lay down a bit of your own money so you can buy options on predicted events. I’m sure some of the predictions will concern mass events such as elections, but others are planned on things like assassinations.

I don’t have any training in understanding markets, but I think I can see some serious issues with this. This sort of spread betting is okay at predicting mass movements, it’s sort of like the future history predictions from the Foundation stories. But terrorism and even coups are the actions of very small numbers of people. Unless they’re inviting Osama to trade, what hope do they have of even putting up the right predictions to bet on?

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Permanent Damage

Another interesting column from Steven Grant. Topped and tailed by comics news, he takes in the DareDevil movie, comics movies in general and life under an Orange Alert (and snowstorms).

Homeland security agents this morning raided the winter home of Mother Nature in Vail, Colorado and whisked her off to an undisclosed location to be interrogated about reputed connections to Al-Qaida and other terrorist groups, as severe weather conditions along the East Coast closed airports and highways, hindered police and protective services, shut down power in several states, and, as threatened in a recent tape alleged to have been made by Al-Qaida leader Osama Bin Laden, brought much of the American community to a standstill…..

Ari Fleischer suggested the intelligence has long been known to the President. “President Bush in fact declared war on nature the instant his presidency began,”