Can't get there from here

An Observer journalist and photographer go in search of Middle England, and find it to be a hopeless quest.

So, one stereotype abandoned, we phone ahead to the Conservative Club in Maidenhead to see if we might talk about Middle England with a few of its regulars, and find another one. Come on over, we are told. When we arrive, however, this open door policy has been revised, somewhat.

A steward puts his nose around the door.

‘There are only three people in here,’ he explains, ‘and one disabled person, and it is against our policy to talk politics.’

But it’s the Conservative Club …

‘It’s one of our rules.’

How about if he just mentions to the people inside that we are here, and asks if they might step outside to chat to us.

That apparently is in contravention of rules, too: no mentioning.

‘Don’t get me wrong,’ he says, ‘but we have had journalists here before.’

What happened?

‘They got quotations from the people, and then used them in the newspaper.’

You wouldn’t want that, we agree.

(REM, Can’t Get There From Here)

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Don't Kill the Haitians

Oh dear. On top of the brain dead moralising from the New York Post, GTA: Vice City is under attack again, specifically over the ‘Kill the Haitians’ mission. Anybody who bothered to play the game could tell you that you don’t pick on any one race- everyone is killed equally- and it’s all about extreme stereotypes anyway.

Rhaid dysgu Cymraeg

The second draft of Union Jack is done, clearing up questions of continuity and tone raised by my boy editors (thanks Damian and Dave!) I’m currently bashing out on the Libretto the beat sheets for parts two and three of the three issues they want for a pitch and thinking of the story beyond that.

Part of the long term plan is to introduce characters from all four of the UK’s constituent nations. I have England’s, Scotland’s and Ireland’s quite well mapped out, but Wales is still only vague. Which is pitiful considering I was born there. This article reminded me that the plan I have is for a bit of a Taff stereotype (a Druid! What was I thinking?) and that if I do use him he has to be proudly and vocally Welsh. Hence the need to learn a bit of the native tongue.

And you thought the Americans were bad

Ok. I found a blog called expatyank, and jimney christmas, this guy is fantastic. He is extremely right wing, supports war and has an acute ability to be a complete racist!!!!

But the best part, drum roll please, he actually lives in Dorset with an English wife! All this pro-neocon shite eminating from this guy’s bungholio, BUT THE FIRST CHANCE HE GOT TO GET OUT OF THE STATES – HE TOOK IT!

Please, I beg of you, you must visit his site. It will reinforce all the negative american stereotypes you’ve been harboring for years…….

I'm back

Another day and another dollar. Thanks to my stupidity I might have to lash out �800 for a new company laptop. Why me? In other news, MASH fans across America are hoping for another all out war with North Korea. Funny how the Gulf War never had any sitcom spin offs.

CNN is reporting something so unbelievable it is akin to UFO abduction. No really! Apparently they believe some dot-coms are making money! It must be a pre-April fools day joke on investors around the globe.

Find out what Brekfast Club stereotype you are and then you can determine how successful you will be. Very interesting. Only in Seattle.

Enough of this, I have had it for the day.

Comic collections for your must have list-
Castle Waiting, by Linda Medley. A wonderful take on fairy tales. The castle is home to a bunch of waifs and strays looking for redemption. All ages stories with strong moral, in the best possible way, undertones.

The Tale of One Bad Rat, by Brian Talbot. I’ll never stop boosting this story, one of the best things I’ve ever read. It’s about abuse, recovery and finding a family.

Akira (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) A complete change of place from the previous two. The big daddy of manga, and the first really successful anime in the West. It’s far more complex than the genre’s speed lines and violence stereotype, and more destructive than anything this side of Dragonball Z.