Firefly was Buffy creator Joss Whedon’s take on the space opera. It was significantly different to the Trek/ Bab 5 axis of sci-fi, which was probably part of its problem. Whilst Buffy practically created its own sub genre, Firefly was entering a crowded field. It was cancelled after 12 episodes.

However, it looks like a film version will start shooting this May.

Thinking with our dicks

It’s true, men are weak pathetic beasts and will make (even more) irrational decisions under the influence of an attractive woman.

Tommaso [..] told New Scientist: “If this is a response to sexual selection then you would expect men who are less attractive to take more risks. If you have many attractive potential partners then it does not pay to take risks. If you are less attractive, with few potential partners, then it pays to take risks.”

I lead such a boring life that I must be fucking gorgeous.
Thanks to Dave and Damian for remaining logical long enough to pass this on. Well done, have a picture of Alyson Hannigan.

101 continued

Following Ian’s example here’s six of the worst from me:


I don’t have a problem with motorbikes or bicycles (as long as they remember that the highway code actually applies to them) but scooter riders are the most unpredictable on the road. They’re worse than taxis. Plus they make a noise like an angry bee in a biscuit tin.

George Lucas

I spend way too much on Star Wars crap. I once joked that I might as well set up a monthly direct debit to George Lucas as it would save time and effort. With the release of Galaxies (the on-line Star Wars game) that has actually happened. He needs to be banished for my own good. That and his refusal to release the trilogy on DVD in its original form. See, I’m trying to give him money again!

Snooker as a spectator sport

It’s boring to watch. Even worse than cricket. Also the controllers of BBC2 seem to think it’s important enough to drop Buffy from the schedules which is utterly unforgivable.

The Atkins Diet

If I have to hear one more bad breathed fad dieter evangelise about Atkins I’m going to knock them to the ground and force feed them a kilo bag of sugar. If they’d shut up about it and eat the occasional breath mint (probably too much carb) it wouldn’t be so bad. Just eat less crap and get some exercise you fat f**ks!

Looking busy

I currently have 5 active projects (plus tech support) at work. However, if for a brief moment I don’t look busy I’ll get another project dumped on me. One day I hope to work for someone who acknowledges that I have a variable workload and it’s okay for me not to look busy at all times.

Happy People

Not all happy people, just the ones who insist on trying to cheer me up when I’m feeling depressed and/or stressed. It’s a bit like someone repeatedly telling you that it’s wrong to feel the way you do. It really doesn’t help.

I Went Down, Down, Down And The Flames Went Higher

It’s not a good day for well known Johns. John Ritter has died. He was one of those American comedy actors who I sort of knew about but never really saw- I remember him most for one episode of Buffy.

John II is Johnny Cash, who was discharged from hospital on Wednesday only to pass away this morning. As I write this, the news is just breaking and hasn’t made it onto any websites I’ve looked at.

Update: It didn’t take long for the BBC to put the story up.

Johnny Cash, Ring of Fire (And before anyone gets offended that I’m suggesting either John is headed to hell, just ask yourself- what was the first Johnny Cash song you thought of?)


Just found this (so I apologise if this has appeared before). Googlism.com tells you what google thinks about certain sites such as Spinneyhead.

Googlism for: spinneyhead

spinneyhead is the only citation on popdex for alyson hannigan’s feet

spinneyhead is going to clear 30

spinneyhead is definitely a “hold” position

spinneyhead is the top site for this search

spinneyhead is a yank who came here for a few weeks and hasn’t

spinneyhead is so good

Googlism For JohnnytheO:

johnnytheo is finally up and running

johnnytheo is that there are far more important things in life than worrying about some comments made by an actor

johnnytheo is working on improving the interface

These boots were made for walking, the marquis de sade don�t wear no boots like these

It seems Spinneyhead is rapidly becoming a stopping off point for people with fetishes for celebrity feet. I’m now second on Google for Alyson Hannigan’s feet pics, but I’m also getting visits for katie holmes feet & toes.
I probably shouldn’t read too much into it, considering I was visited this morning by someone looking for kitten sack masturbate photo. And by talking about this sort of behaviour I’m just encouraging it. I should stop giving the perverts the oxygen of publicity.
Stone Roses, Fool’s Gold


Today’s Doonesbury sees blogger Zip trolling for hits. Terrible behaviour. You’d never see me mentioning Britney Spears topless or Cameron Diaz nude or that in amongst the search terms that have found Spinneyhead in the last few days have been pictures of girls masturbating, Alyson Hannigan’s feet pics and kylie’s bottom

No, no, no, no. That would be below me.

Strewth in advertising

I’m feeling a bit adbusters.

As an unemployed person I have come to accept my place before the goggle box. I watch altogether too much television- Discovery channel and Buffy re-runs during the day and imported crime drama at night. I’ve learnt a lot of stuff. Amongst the revelations is just how idiotic so much advertising is, and what morons they think we are. To view some of the promos doing the rounds you’d think that the advertising industry doesn’t believe that anyone, ever, is persuaded by their crap. Some stuff seems designed to put you off the product it’s touting, some tells you you’re an idiot and some is just totally wrong either morally or logically.

One such advert is for the new Lexus rx300. Man puts non-descript and incredibly light box in the back of his butt ugly SUPE (Sports Utility Penis Extension) and drives it down narrow continental streets. Of course if it wasn’t at least one and a half times larger than it needs to be, the streets wouldn’t seem so narrow. Spotting a pile of gravel by the side of the road, he drives one wheel over it. We get a view of a the Sagrada Familia to establish that we’re in Barcelona (because once he gets onto the main road he could be in any godforsaken urban sprawl). The driver sees a puddle everyone else is avoiding and drives through it. Finally our man makes it home, and he parks on a stack of rocks in the garden, cue tagline- “You’ll have to remind yourself it’s a four wheel drive.”

You’ll have to remind yourself! What. The. Fuck? If you need to be updated on your cars true nature, then why did you buy it? Why purchase something that is clumsier around town, consumes more fuel and wears down a greater amount of its components than a two wheel drive? The advert has established that there’s no need for an off roader in the urbs or suburbs. In the country I could understand- dad’s Discovery got him home through snowstorms that brought the rest of the county to a standstill and the prospect of mud is never that far away.

A better strap line for the Lexus ad would be something like- “Fo’ shizzle! All dem other playas ‘as got Range Rovers. Show you put da O in OG wiv a RX. Word.”

More idiocy in advertising as and when it pisses me off.

Potential lesbians at six o'clock!

We at Team Spinneyhead are big Willow/ Alyson Hannigan fans, as are so many others. Indeed, as possibly the highest profile lesbian on television, the character of Willow, and her relationships, gets quite a bit of analysis (includes spoilers for those of us who haven’t seen season 7 yet). There was even talk of a Willow based Buffy spin off, though the typically wussy TV execs were scared of a show that would portray dykes as rounded characters. Sigh.

Still, I guess we’ve got American Wedding to look forward to.

Willow … (Again)….

Ok, so Willow is in FHM’s 100 sexiest women, or at least the actress is. Is that the sound of Ian running out for a copy? Anyway, find your dream date from the buffy the vampire series Here. Ian’s match is unsurprisingly, WIllow.

The evil webmaster would like to point out: You’ll have to make it known that Willow is mine. All mine, y’hear!

"What people want is not what they need"

Despite having Sky, I’m a whole season behind on Buffy, which finally closed this week. Salon has a big interview with the Slayer’s creator, Joss Whedon. They’re big Buffy fans over at Salon, deconstructing the shows reinterpretation of Western hero myths, moaning that Spike is too much like the Fonz and much more.

Buffy’s over. I think I’m going to go away and have a little cry.

But, then again, they might be doing a Willow spin off. Which would make me a very happy little monkey.


Over on LiveJournal a poster has started a meme. When she scratches her belly button, she says, her clitoris is stimulated. All around the world, women are playing with their innies, trying to reproduce this effect. It’s actually quite common.
The revelation got me thinking about the good old BB. I knew it was where the umbilical cord connected in to the fetus and that was how nutrients etc. were transferred, but what exactly were the components of the umbilical. I had never given much thought to it, but it seems obvious that parts of the cord should remain in the body after birth, integrated into different organs. All of these useful facts were gleaned from a site set up to investigate the prevalence of belly button fluff (or lint, as it’s American).
Considering its connection to birth and strategic placement, it’s not surprising that the belly button has been eroticised, with a whole BB subculture and pages devoted to navels. (As we’re having a special Willow week here at Spinneyhead, here’s a link to Alyson Hannigan’s innie.) You can even find films ‘starring your favorite bellybutton – baring Superheros…The Bellybutton Hunter and The Tomb Huntress!
More scientifically, umbilical cord blood cells could be as good a source of stem cells as fetuses, though this is a controversial claim and most places only harvest the blood for reintroduction to the original owner.
And, finally, I couldn’t end this subject without mentioning piercings.

All I Want For Christmas……

Well, I still have my two front teeth, and they won’t send Avril Lavigne or Alyson Hannigan through the mail, so-

Wear It Out

A few years ago, I wrote ‘I Want My MP3’ lyrics for Money For Nothing. As they were so awful that no-one would perform them, I’ll have to settle for the T-Shirt.

Power Symbol. Cause you turn me on.

Generic Humanoid Carbon Unit Just so everyone knows how to refer to me.

It must be user error It’s always user error. Life would be so much easier without them.


The Eagle’s Shadow: Why America Fascinates and Infuriates the World, Mark Hertsgaard

9-11, Noam Chomsky

The End of the American Era: U.S. Foreign Policy and the Geopolitics of the Twenty-First Century, Charles Kupchan

Moving Pictures

Ronin Because my copy of this DVD disappeared.

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring – Four Disc Set Because everyone else seems to have a copy, so I must have one too.


The Coral – The Coral

The Last Broadcast – Doves

A Rush Of Blood To The Head – Coldplay


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Crockett, Tubbs and me.