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Proud Saboteur

So, we’re going to have an election, because Theresa May expects things to get much worse as the Brexit debacle rolls on. She’s terrified that the incompetents she’s put in charge of negotiations will deliver a disaster, taking her down with them (and the rest of the country as well, of course, but she doesn’t really care about most of us).

I listened to her announcement of the election (twice, because I’m some sort of masochist). It was six minutes of blaming everyone else for her party’s failures. And then, on the front page of the Daily Mail this morning, the bile we’ve come to expect from the rag, labelling everyone who doesn’t do exactly what Chairman May demands a saboteur.

If that’s what she, and they, want to call sensible, decent people who have serious and well founded misgivings about this whole farce then I’m going to embrace it. I’m a proud saboteur.

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David Says Chillax

Dedicated to our glorious Prime Minister, who has an uncanny ability to turn off and remain blissfully ignorant of the troubles and woes of the rest of us. Play some more tennis Dave, try out another iPad game, take your daughter down the pub. Your policies aren’t hurting anyone, there’s no need to worry about the state you’ll leave the nation in.

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Nick Griffin is not my MEP

Nick Griffin is not my MEP, originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

He isn’t. I didn’t vote for him, and I want people to know that.

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Listen to his interview on the Today programme. Not what I wanted to wake up to. But it made me angry enough to get out of bed earlier than normal.

Be Your Own Valentine

New at Etsy, two Be Your Own Valentine cards. The outside is simple enough-

But open it to reveal one of these two images-

They can be read either way- sex positive celebration of being single or “I’m really not that into you, try this.” Order them now to get them in time for Valentine’s Day.

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Further update Someone at CafePress thinks vibrators may be against their Questionable Material & Prohibited Content Guidelines and those cards aren’t available until they make a decision.

A Christmassy product- ladies, remind your boyfriend or girlfriend to kiss you under the mistletoe

I know your significant other shouldn’t need any encouragement, but this Christmas give them a hint. A girl always likes to be kissed under the mistletoe.

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Black roses and a special T-shirt

You may have been too late for Valentine’s Day, but you can still show your goth you care.

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I [Heart] My Goth

I [Heart] My Goth, originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

Latest design from Spinneyhead is I [Heart] My Goth. No cartoon hearts for goths, this one was based upon anatomical drawings I found online.

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